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POV: You decide you wanna treat yourself with a lip scrub. So you've watched a few review videos, found a brand you like and went for it. You even paid the shipping. Now it's the best time - the WAIT. Every day that passes gets you even more excited. You're starting to imagine scenes; hot dates, wild makeouts, running into your ex that notices your soft, exfoliated lips and asks you to marry them.

After what seems to be too long of a wait... THE SCRUB HAS ARRIVED.

You almost made the delivery guy crash into a tree from how loud you screamed. “He'll walk it off”, you think.  “My scrub has arrived”. 

You unbox the package, grab the scrub and passionately run to the bathroom. That's it, now it's just you, the scrub and the sink. 

Being the cute babe that you are, your excitement is at its peak. While scooping out some of the scrub, you're already thinking of how you're gonna react to your ex's marriage proposal.

Maybe you'll grab them, kiss them hard and then shove a finger to their lips, saying “shh, not today”... or maybe you'll invite some of your friends over for a nice, quiet hangout in which you'll get on the table and say “AHA! IN YOUR FACE”. 

Tough call. 

But hey, you start exfoliating your lips and it's weird.. I mean, the scrub really does feel nice on your lips but.. it seems like the sugar grains are too small and the scrub is so gentle that it practically melts on your lips without doing anything... what should be taking 15 seconds is now taking you 40 and still no change... “maybe it worked, I'll wash it off and take a closer look”.

You get closer to the mirror, looking at your washed lips and it seems like most of the dead skin is still there. 

“Can't believe I got excited for nothing... just wasted money and excitement for a scrub that barely does half the job they said it'd do...”


No more, babe. 

To me (and to my founders), being hot is about ease. 

That POV had happened too many times to my frustrated, lip-scrub-addicted founders. And maybe to you, too. 

So my founders decided to create their own lip scrubs - and make it easy. The way it's supposed to be.

My lip scrubs are formulated to work. The formula is simple, the ingredients are effective and the sugar grains are big - which makes the exfoliation easy and fast.

My scrubs are 99.4% natural, vegan, cruelty free, hand-made and heart-made. All the good stuff. 

They're edible so your lips are safe (and delicious). 

My shipping is always free - because life is easy for hot babes (aka you). 

That's it! Easy. 

Hot dates? Check.

Wild makeouts? Check. 

Marriage proposal from your ex? Don't know about that, but if it happens please DM me I need deets.