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The Juicy Trio Kit


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Feeling adventurous? Here's a chance to have fun with all the flavors!

For exciting babes that everybody tries to kiss (driving dates crazy again, babe?). Leaves you with fresh, soft, “I-can’t-believe-she’s-kissing-me” lips.

  1. Jojoba Oil - Jojoba’s job is to moisturize and soften your lips, creating a cloud-soft feeling that your next makeout partner won’t be able to handle.
  2. White Sugar - The sugar’s job is to scrub away that boring look, revealing clean, smooth, vibrant lips. White sugar is slightly coarsely; this ensures that turning into a better kisser is as effortless as possible!
  3. Squalane (Olive) Oil - Key ingredient for healing dry lips and helping prevent moisture loss, so that your kissable lips stay juicy and nourished for longer.
  4. *Although some derive Squalane from shark liver, we use the small amounts found in olives (cruelty free matters!).

  1. Scoop a tiny bit out.
  2. Scrub in gentle, circular motions for 15 seconds (or until your lips are soft).
  3. Rinse or lick off (edible!)

    No Preservatives: made with love for your body.

    Keep away from water and humid environments.

    Best to use for 2-3 months.

    Use whenever your godsent lips are dry or thirsty. Also perfect for pre-lipstick and pre-potential-makeouts.

    Most babes use it 3-7 times a week.